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SSN’s 6th Conference will take place in Barcelona, hosted by the Universitat de Barcelona and the CCCB, in partnership with Eticas Research & Consulting.

The University of Barcelona is Spain’s leading research university, publishing more research than any other Spanish institution with the exception of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) (Third European Report on Science and Technology Indicators). UB has 106 departments and more tan 5,000 full-time researchers, technicians and research assistants, most of whom work in the UB’s 243 research groups as recognized and supported by the government. The Department of Sociology currently hosts a research group on Security, Technology and Society with a specific focus on surveillance and surveillance studies that will organize the logistics of the conference and take part in the scientific and organising committees set up to manage SSN’s 6th Conference. In particular the Research Group on Exclusion and Social Control (GRECS) is supporting the logistic part.

The CCCB is the “Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona”. The  CCCB is a place for experimentation with artistic languages and codes; a meeting place for dialogue between academia and citizens; a platform for innovation on the part of groups and creators, and a laboratory open to the cultural change underway. After almost 20 years of continued programming, the CCCB has consolidated its position as a respected point of reference; a focus of cultural and creative attraction for the city of Barcelona, for the whole of Catalonia and Spain, and internationally. The CCCB has proved its determination to be a place for production and creation as well as exhibition, bringing together a large number of committed cultural actors and users, all convinced that culture is a basic necessity. The CCCB offers a quality programme, marked by complete creative freedom, devoid of dogmatisms, in touch with different sensibilities, bringing a touch of eclecticism and a style of its own that doesn’t aim to impose trends, with a will to generate debate and take a critical look at the present moment. It considers quality as non-negotiable and is faithful at all times to two defining characteristics: an urban vocation and cultural quality.

Eticas Research & Consulting is a Spain-based SME working on the social, ethical and social impact of security policy, innovation and technology development, and the interaction between changing societal values, engineering possibilities and fundamental rights. Its contribution focuses on the analysis of the contextual factors that can and should guide technological development and implementation, with a particular emphasis on understanding broader contextual issues linked to trust and acceptability, compliance with the legal context, social externalities and ethical issues at large.

The conference will be held at the city centre, in the Raval neighbourhood. The final rooms for the conference and the venue for the evening activities will be publicised as soon as possible.

Useful links

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Prof. Clive Norris (Univeristy of Sheffield)
Dra Gemma Galdon Clavell (Universitat de Barcelona)
Javier Warleta (Eticas Research and Consulting)
Dr Dean Wilson (University of Plymouth)
Dr Daniel Trottier (University of Westminster)
Rosamunde Van Brakel (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Dr Nils Zurawski (University of Hamburg)


Dra Liliana Arroyo Moliner (Universitat de Barcelona)